Ethics Essentials: Ottawa Speakers

Speakers List

Jay Khosla

Jay Khosla (MA Dalhousie, BA U of Ottawa) assumed the position of Assistant Deputy Minister Energy Sector in the Department of Natural Resources in July 2013. In his position, he oversees the Government of Canada’s policy agenda for Canada’s energy sector including the promotion of the Responsible Resource Development and the integrated management of Canada’s energy resources. In addition, Mr. Khosla continues to promote expanded trade and investment of Canadian energy resources as well as leads Canada’s clean energy commitments with respect to nuclear, hydro, renewable power and energy efficiency in order to create greater public

Michael Bassett

Michael Bassett is a Senior Research Associate in the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Division of The Conference Board of Canada, where he leads research work on governance and ethics and manages the Conference Board’s Corporate Ethics Management Council.  Michael is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada.

Denis Bourgignon

Denis Bourguignon is the Chief Financial Officer for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, the largest union in Canada representing scientists and professionals employed at the federal and some provincial and territorial levels of government. Denis has been a Certified General Accountant in Ontario since 1999 and has an MBA from Queen’s.

Len Brooks

Len Brooks is Professor of Business Ethics & Accounting at the Rotman School of Management, and is the Director of the University of Toronto’s newly established Professional Accounting Centre, and its two graduate accounting programs, the MMPA and DIFA. His research interests include governance, business and/or professional ethics, risk management, ethical decision making, conflicts of interest, and developing and maintaining an ethical corporate culture.

Bernie Colterman

Bernie Colterman, as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, is recognized as a national leader in partnership development and has worked with a diversified range of government organizations over the past 15 years to help them better manage outcomes and risk in public-public and public-private relationships.

Gary Corbett

Mr. Corbett holds a Certificate in Organizational Values and Ethics and is a member of the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada. As past President and Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Institute of the Public service of Canada he advanced the dialogue on values and Ethics in federal public Service towards maintaining a strong ethical culture a more collegial and respectful environment and a healthy and productive workplace.

Mary Dawson

Mary Dawson has been the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner since July, 2007.  In that role she administers the Conflict of Interest Act for some 3000 public office holders, including Ministers and parliamentary secretaries, as well as the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons.  

Mario Dion

Mario Dion is Canada’s Public Sector Integrity Commissioner since December 2010. His office deals with disclosures of wrongdoing and reprisal complaints within the federal public sector.

Ann Fraser

Dr. Ann Fraser is the Executive Director of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Values, Integrity and Conflict Resolution Directorate which is responsible for Agency’s values and ethics, internal disclosure, informal conflict management and conflict of interest programs. She is the Agency’s Senior Integrity Officer. She is responsible for the Agency’s revised Values Statements and Vision and Mission statements and developed and implement its values and ethics strategy.

Jane Garthson

Jane Garthson is President of the Garthson Leadership Centre, dedicated to creating better futures for our communities and organizations through values-based leadership. Jane has been an EthicScan Canada associate on various projects over fifteen years,

Linda Gehrke

Ms. Gehrke, as Lobbyist Registrar for the City of Toronto since 2008, is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the first municipal lobbyist registry system and code of conduct in Canada. She has served as Vice-Chair of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, Tribunal Counsel and Associate Counsel to the Chair; delegate of the Complaints Resolution Commissioner of the Law Society of Upper Canada and Project Counsel to its Tribunals Unit; and member of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Mel Gill

Mel is President of Synergy Associates, Consultants in Governance and Organizational Development. He is the author of best selling book, Governing for Results: A Director’s Guide to Good Governance; the ‘Governance Self-Assessment Checklist’, a research-validated diagnostic, educational and strategic planning tool for boards and several published articles on agency and network governance, organizational effectiveness and development of public policy.

He was an advisor to United Way Canada on redesign of its board development curriculum and United Way International on the development of ‘Global Standards’ for ‘Governance, Privacy and Ethics’.

Diane Girard

Diane Girard, Ph.D., ADM.A., has been an ethics consultant for public, private and professional sector organizations since 1997. She facilitates focus groups and training seminars on ethics and helps organizations assess and improve their ethics program.

Andrew Griffith

Andrew Griffith is the author of Policy Arrogance or Innocent Bias: Resetting Citizenship and Multiculturalism. He is the former Director General for Citizenship and Multiculturalism at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). He has worked at Canadian Heritage, Service Canada, Industry Canada and Privy Council Office, in addition to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, where he had a number of domestic and international assignments.

Joanna Gualtieri

Joanna Gualtieri is the Chair of the Board of Directors for GAP (the Government Accountability Project) in Washington, DC, the world’s preeminent whistleblower rights organization. She pioneered the movement in Canada for legal rights and protection for whistleblowers, and founded FAIR (the Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform), Canada’s first and foremost whistleblower protection organization.

Patricia Kosseim

In her capacity as, Senior General Counsel at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), Patricia provides strategic legal and policy advice on a broad range of privacy issues, oversees research on the privacy impacts of emerging information technologies, and represents the Privacy Commissioner before courts and Parliamentary Committees.

Previously, Patricia also worked at Genome Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research where she developed and led national strategies to address ethical, legal and social implications of science and technology.

Called to the Barreau du Quebec in 1993, Patricia practiced in Montreal for over six years with a large national law firm. She has published and presented extensively on matters of health law, privacy and ethics.

Jim Lahey

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Public Service Renewal) at the Privy Council Office. Over the course of his career of 35 years in government, he served in several senior executive positions, including Associate Deputy Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, Associate Secretary of the Treasury Board, and Associate Deputy Minister of Human Resources Development.

John Mark Keyes

John Mark Keyes is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, teaching mainly in the field of public law and legislation. He is also an instructor with Athabasca University in its Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Legislative Drafting Program.He was previously the Assistant Deputy Minister / Chief Legislative Counsel in the Department of Justice (Canada) responsible for providing legislative services to the Government of Canada. 

Stephen Maguire

Dr. Maguire’s research focuses on organizational influences on ethical behaviour. His published articles include ethical reflections on the discourse of control of employees, the importance of context in decision-making, the ethics of ethics codes, and the influence of professed national values on national culture.
For the last four years Dr. Maguire has been the lead researcher in a Professionalism in Policing research project, collaborating with 31 police agencies across the country. Dr. Maguire’s final report included 52 recommendations to improve professionalism in policing.

Robert Marleau

Robert Marleau as Integrity Commissioner for the City of Ottawa is responsible for the oversight of the city’s lobbyist registry and act as an ethics and integrity advisor to the city councillors. Pursuant to the Ontario Municipal Act he is charged with investigating complaints relating to the city’s councillor’s code of conduct and closed meetings. His career has included several senior parliamentary postings such as Clerk of the House of Commons, Access to Information Commissioner of Canada and Interim Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

David Nitkin

David is a rare breed in North America: a full-time organizational ethicist. He does original writing, teaching, consulting and research on ethical decision making, enhancing corporate social accountability, auditing, and reporting, and developing ethics assurance programs, including transparency, risk management, ethical management and “safe” partnering

John G Pallascio

John Pallascio, in his roles as Vice-President, Special Counsel, Export Development Canada (EDC) and, formerly as Vice President, General Counsel, has been a steward of the ethical and legal compliance frameworks at EDC. He co-authored the Corporation’s Code of Conduct and Code of Business Ethics, established EDC’s Ethics Week program, and has also been instrumental in efforts to centralize and enhance the Corporation’s legal compliance framework. He has been a long-standing member of the Corporate Ethics Management Council of the Conference Board of Canada.

John Reid

John Reid, an articulate peace officer, recently retired as Superintendent by rank, and lawyer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is results orientated with a diverse background from complex investigations in white collar crime and internal affairs to managing a national witness protection program to sitting as Director and Chair of internal discipline and performance boards. Major strengths include integrity, planning and organization, problem solving, negotiations and a dedicated work ethic

Mary Anne Stevens

Ms. Stevens joined the Public Service more than twenty-five years ago, and has worked in several departments. Her current position is as Director of the Values and Ethics division of the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer. In addition to being responsible for the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector and the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment, the division is responsible for administration of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (whistleblower legislation), the Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, the Policy on Legal Assistance and Indemnification, the Management Accountability Framework Area of Management on Values and Ethics and several policies related to the workplace (Employee Assistance Program Policy, Workplace Daycare Centres, Workplace Fitness Centres and Telework).

Maggie Trudel-Maggiore

Maggie Trudel-Maggiore has led two values and ethics teams in large decentralized federal departments, published two organizational ethics codes, advised thousands of public servants, from the most senior to the most junior, in matters of ethics, conflict of interest, post-employment and political activities. She delivered hundreds of ethics sessions across Canada and in more than 15 missions abroad and she published the first founded wrongdoing under the Public servants’ Disclosure Protection Act.

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