Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility

How do consumers, managers, employees, investors and concerned citizens understand and┬ámeasure a company’s social responsibility?

At EthicScan, we use a broad range of 10 corporate social responsibility categories and criteria to document corporate policy, plans implemented to reinforce policy, the firm’s actual practice, and the extent to which management consults with and discloses itself to people outside the┬ácompany.

Our publications and reports are the result of more than 20 years of research using the Delphi method to gather our data within. In all of our products we offer our experience in best practices combined with the most relevant data you will need to be able to make your ethics decisions.

Partnership Screening Report

This is a thorough, penetrating and detailed, customized report (typically 4-12 pages) on a company’s performance, strengths and weaknesses.

It consists of a summary table of concerns, interviews with the corporate spokesperson, and mini-essays on a comprehensive array of eight to ten major corporate responsibility topics.
We prepare a draft report for you within three days, and a completed final report with a customized evaluation/concerns table within two calendar weeks.

Your identity as our client remains confidential.

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