Court Judgement Reaffirms End of Life Decision Making

David Nitkin, EthicScan’s President, draws attention to the way this decision highlights differences between the law, ethics, and morality.  The Justices affirm the requirement in law that, in jurisdictions which have Consent and Capacity Boards, physicians must get consent for removing life-sustaining, interventions, like ventilators and feeding tubes. Family and human rights advocates are likely

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What Does the New Court Judgement Mean for Health Practitioners? EthicScan End-of-Life Series of Webinars

EthicScan End-of-Life Webinar Series: Ethical issues are common in health care because the stakes are high and values regularly come into conflict when decisions must be made. Differentiation between minimizing harm, doing no harm, and doing good assessments. In the course of provision of these health care services, problems or disagreements will occasionally arise with

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