EthicScan’s team of bioethicists, leadership development and accreditation specialists design and conduct range of multi-stakeholder engagements, organizational integrity assessments, ethical dilemma recommendations, and integrated ethics assurance programs for hospitals, schools, governments, integrity commissions, and businesses. The team reflects an estimated 16,500 days of consulting experience, including work for hospitals, financial institutions, energy and mining companies, municipal governments, consumer products companies, and public service commissions.

Let us help you with the strategy, enhancement and reinforcement of your Ethics plan, so you can build trust with your employees, customers, clients, advertisers, the public, and the media.

Ethics Strategy

Ethics Consulting

Ethics Consulting

There are many internal communications, governance and decision-assisting mechanisms that could be suggested for use in enhancing ethics in corporations. Examples include an ethics column in the company newsletter; ethics as a component of Performance Appraisals; an office of Ethics Ombudsperson; whistleblower protection program; and statements of responsibility to stakeholders.

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Ethics Audit

Organizational Social or Ethics Audit

Our Ethics Audit will help you assess your overall ethical culture (code of conduct, compliance, training, discipline, etc.). A state-of-the-art social or ethics audit has seven key components. Taken together, they represent a significant enhancement upon either an employee attitudinal or opinion (“climate survey”) study, or an organizational review. These components apply to business, government, and non-governmental organizations.


Code of Ethics

Customized Code of Ethics

Evaluate your current code of ethics or conduct and related policies as well as recommend upgraded text plus accompanying reinforcement and training mechanisms.

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Ethics Training

 Ethics Assurance

Ethics Assurance

EthicsAssurance is the first integrated, web-based tool that allows businesses, government agencies, associations, and other types of organizations to assess their strengths and improve their weaknesses in the fields of good governance, economic integrity, ethical risk management, and progressive human relations practices.
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 Ethics Training

Ethics Education

In cultivating your ethics strategy, we can help you provide state-of-the-art integrity training; ethics as part of staff orientation; materials case-based ethics training; an on-line ethics advisory; on-going ethics refresher training; ethics training for directors, complaint investigation training, & integrity officer training. EthicScan has been offering ethics education since 1991, and now you can register for courses online that assist you in your business ethics.

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Donor Screening

Donor Screening

If you’re seeking corporate funding or partners, you join 2,000 other not-for-profits who send a solicitation monthly to Canadian companies. Not surprisingly, few respond. What would be helpful is narrowing your contact list to companies who already give in your area of advocacy, who are looking for partnership opportunities in your area of service, and whose practices are consistent with your values. Through a customized potential contributors and sponsors report, EthicScan can identify corporations whose social, labour, environmental, and donations practices are compatible with the goals of your organization. If you specify your criteria, we can provide at no obligation an estimated cost for a helpful PASS FAIL REPORT of the names and addresses of higher probability corporate donors, supporters or sponsors.

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Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply Chain Due Diligence helps you identify the most responsible supplier. Reputations are enhanced, employees motivated, operational budgets lowered, and satisfaction levels heightened when companies can ensure that Standards are practiced throughout one’s supply chain. Third parties such as suppliers, donors, consultants and partners can enhance your organization’s performance when their practices align with your own.

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Our Experience

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 Due Diligence

Internal Due Diligence

“Do Diligence” (that is, applied due diligence) is a multifaceted approach designed to assess and ensure the highest standards of responsible management. It enables corporations not only to diagnose their ethical dilemmas, identify and test risk, and reduce vulnerabilities, but also to provide ongoing, high quality ethics guidance and support system– both for the corporation or organization as well as for its individual employees. The program operates anywhere in the world that an employee finds him- or her-self with a dilemma.

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 Complaint Investigation

Complaint Investigation

Examine internal complaint and investigation procedures and recommend improvements. EthicScan’s team of ex-RCMP officers conducts complaint investigations, complaint training, and organizatonial deficiency analysis. They reflect an estimated 10,560 days of public sector inspection experience, managing and investigating complex, multi-faceted cases for both criminal prosecution and civil proceedings, including 2,100 days for municipal governments; and a further 800 days investigation experience in organizational audits.

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Ethics Reinforcement


Sustainability by Design

Our consultants can help you create and apply a Sustainability Progress Review and Report Card that analyses the various steps you are taking, or could be implementing, within an overall framework of best practices within your activity sectors, and concludes with recommendations for enhancement with estimates of timelines, benefits and costs.



Safe Partnering

Investigating a particular person/company for potential partnering. Somewhere between 60 and 70% of all corporate responsibility partnerships fail. The reasons are many, but the often sad results are that objectives aren’t met, service clients are disappointed, and reputations diminished. For twenty years EthicScan has been providing research, guidance and education tools to help companies, governments and civil society organizations in all stages of partnering– planning their partnership policies, training staff on all aspects of negotiating partnerships, establishing and monitoring goals, setting processes for external reporting and internal communications, and measuring results. In some cases we have been working with clients for over fifteen years.

Sometimes, a Partnership Screening Report is all that is required to get you started.

The following are the components of the Safe Partnering Package:

  • Partnership Strategy Development Consultation
  • Corporate 1500 DataBase Profiles
  • Customized Criteria For Business Or Organization
  • Partnership Screening Reports
  • Pass/Fail Report
  • Once A Year Partnership Trends Presentation

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