Partnership Screening Report

This is a thorough, penetrating and detailed, customized report (typically 4-12 pages) on a company’s performance, strengths and weaknesses.

It consists of a summary table of concerns, interviews with the corporate spokesperson, and mini-essays on a comprehensive array of eight to ten major corporate responsibility topics.
We prepare a draft report for you within three days, and a completed final report with a customized evaluation/concerns table within two calendar weeks.

Your identity as our client remains confidential.

4-12 pages | Click for Sample | $1000.00

For US headquartered company:

If the company is headquartered in the US, the due diligence documents including 10K and SEC filings needed are more numerous and costly there. Moreover, in the absence of an annual report, the interviews likely may require a US corporate spokesperson and a Canadian public relations spokesperson. Expect to receive a one page short form “product” contract.

For Canadian headquartered company:

We are part of a consortium of research companies that does reports of this kind. All Canadian client reports from wherever are referred to us. The price for this pre-payment-required report on a Canadian company is in Canadian dollars for clients wherever they are located. Expect to receive a one page short form “product” contract.

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