Panel Empowerment and Morale

Empowerment and Morale: Legislative, management, reporting and other changes that would help to creatively enhance workplace morale, efficiency and effectiveness in government, Crown corporations, or civil society organizations: case study references welcome.

Diane Girard

Personal Comments and Reflections from an Observer on the Contents of the Day

Bernie Colterman

Best Practice Partnering: How to enhance management and better manage risk in public-public and public-private relationships

Mario Dion

Complaint Handling: How can we increase accountability and transparency in public sector organizations by enhancing the design or implementation of complaint management and investigation programs

Mary Dawson

Interactive Review of Pre-Prepared Workplace Case Study

Whistle Blowing Panel

Whistle-Blowing: Legacies from the past, present realities, and what might be ways to enhance the prospects of cross-departments/ministries/government sharing of best practices

David Nitkin Ottawa Presentation

Improving Ethics Assurance within Organizations and Government-Wide: Practical suggestions about how and when to move from a current or basic level one (individuals, perceptions, senior accountability) Values and Ethics program to a more integrated and sophisticated (organizational level, actions, mutual empowerment) program

Denis Bourguignon

Ethics Risks in the Accounting Regime: Insights into ethics risks and challenges, how to identify them, what they mean, and how to avoid them – a new and broader framework for risk identification and management will be discussed.

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