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Knowledgebase - Health Care

Thought-Provoking Questions, Relevant Scenario Development

The Health Care (TFO Series) webinars, seminars, and workshops are designed to provide answers to questions like these:

  • What is inherently ethically flawed about the Hippocratic Oath as a standard of care?
  • What and why are there grounds to conclude that Canada stomped on rather than flattened the curve to the dis-benefit of the fight against the pandemic’s expected second wave?
  • What are the more than twenty different trends and forecasts that could enhance management and operation of nursing homes and long term care institutions?
  • What are pandemic lessons as they relate to the need to change in terms of the duty-of-care standard for telemedicine, primary care, home care and nursing?
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  • Is there a moral justification for not giving paramountcy to saving a life when facilities are limited and the patient is elderly and has multiple complications or co-morbidities?
  • What do experts say in countries about “new normal” emerging training, specification and counselling changes related to essential care, front-line workers?
  • What are the consequences of so many different countries not sharing data as was the case with H1N1 and SARRS?
  • What are the short and long-term implications of China’s virtual control of manufacture or production of gowns, masks, medical equipment, and many pharmaceuticals
  • What kind of professional counselling, remuneration and health and safety program priorities and changes are necessary for addressing the forthcoming needs of today’s front line essential workers?
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Health-care professions and institutions are under enormous pressure to deal with the pandemic. Nurses, physicians, administrators and other front line workers need evidence-based answers about decision-making choices and options. Standard-setters, accreditation agents and regulators need insights into the range of best practice options in the face of many uncertainties about the virus.

This Health Care Trends, Forecasts and Outlooks (TFO) stream contains five health-care sectors that you can explore in depth.

Health Care Sectors

The stream is designed for subscribers who are Health Care Professionals, practitioners, policy makers and administrators. If you proceed within this stream, you can expect to:

•Delve into experts’ literature summarized from around the world that forecasts the future of critical elements of the health care system

Assess the legacy costs of current at-risk professional and institutional trends and practices

Investigate the implications of known unknowns about coronavirus

•Ask for help to assess relevant trends, forecasts and outlooks

• Understand the significant differences between ethics, values, morality and the law

Chat and learn about “new normal” emerging training, specification and counselling changes related to professional duty of care

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