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Strategies and Solutions for the post-COVID world

Here is your entry into the world of understanding and developing enhanced strategies for dealing with the impacts of COVID 19. This Knowledge base contains state of the art thinking from around the world about many the dimensions of managing personal, professional, institutional and corporate challenges posed by the pandemic. The Knowledgebase gives you access to an interactive, collaborative resource of enhanced strategies for COVID recovery and resilience.

Why might you need this Knowledgebase?

The unprecedented situation we find ourselves in has changed the way we need to operate in order to survive this pandemic, natural disasters, and other related, future challenges. We need to be ready with “new normal’ recovery answers at home, work and in the community. We need our staff and customers to feel safe and be safe in order to conduct recovery.

This targeted set of webinars, workshops and learning circles provide easily-digested format, “cheat sheet” answers and open dialogues that can give you the opinions and insights of industry experts, health professionals and colleagues around the world on pathways to survive and succeed through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ll help you focus your organization on important things to know and how to assess choices.

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Trends, Forecasts and Outlooks in Healthcare

Health care professions and institutions are under enormous pressure to deal with the pandemic. Nurses, physicians, administrators and other front line workers need evidence-based answers about decision-making choices and options. Standard setters, accreditation agents and regulators need insights into the range of best practice options in the face of many uncertainties about the virus.

This Health Care (TFO) stream contains five health care sectors that you can explore in depth <LIST>

The stream is designed for subscribers who are health care professionals, practitioners, policy makers and administrators. If you proceed within this stream, you can expect to:

•Delve into experts’ literature summarized from around the world that forecasts the future of critical elements of the health care system

•Assess the legacy costs of current at-risk professional and institutional trends and practices

•Investigate the implications of known unknowns about coronavirus

•Ask for help to assess relevant trends, forecasts and outlooks

• Understand the significant differences between ethics, values, morality and the law

•Chat and learn about “new normal” emerging training, specification and counselling changes related to professional duty of care

Scenario Development and Testing in Industry

This Industry Sectors (SDT) stream is designed to provide resources and networking for subscribers who are in business. This includes supply chain managers, human resources professionals, office and factory managers, and business development specialists. 

The stream contains eight sectors that are explored in depth <LIST>

If you proceed in this Industry Sectors stream, you can expect to:

•Delve into proven principles and methods to design, develop and test business and industry scenarios

•Examine in depth the different/contending needs of various industry stakeholders

•Share and learn about leading edge thinking from global and local experts who speak about

•  Supply chain decision-making choices

•  Legacy foundations and practices

•  Pandemic and other disaster planning

•Discuss changing applications and response to resilience in business planning

•Learn about business recovery strategies for factory and office work

•Ask for collaborative help to realize scenarios as well as clarify the means and choices to achieve preferred end points

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