Conducting an Investigation

Many organizations, in both the public and private sector, are required to conduct investigations, be they internal or external in nature. It is not a question “if” an investigation will be required but “when?” Organizations must have access to people with the skills to conduct a fair, impartial and efficient investigation. The focus is on collecting the needed information in the least disruptive manner as possible. This day long, intensive course provides registrants with a blueprint to conduct an internal investigation no matter what government or industry sector they come from. It will provide the participant with a working knowledge of the theory behind planning an investigation. This full day course consists of the following topic areas:

  1. Reasons to conduct an investigation.
  2. Legal considerations
  3. Preparation of an investigative plan
  4. Conducting effective interviews
  5. Documentary evidence
  6. Sources of information
  7. Electronic evidence considerations
  8. Field investigations
  9. Reporting

Case studies will be referenced throughout the course in order to provide candidates with hands-on experience in planning and carrying out an investigation.

Objective: Develop a sophisticated understanding about the conduct of a workplace Investigation: At the conclusion of this course, participants will have a blueprint and the tools to conduct an effective and efficient investigation according to prevailing legal and ethical standards. Participants in the course, Conducting an Investigation, will be required to create their own investigative plan for a scenario. In addition, participants will design an interview plan for a potential person to be interviewed. Various scenarios will be employed throughout the seminar. At the end of this seminar, the student will be able to effectively and efficiently plan and implement the steps needed to conduct an investigation.

Who is this course for: Any person who is or may be tasked with conducting a regulatory, internal, statutory or other investigation.  This includes harassment matters, code of conduct violations as well as more serious statutory violations.

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Benefits in your Participation

  •  Highlight relevant legislation and court decisions related to conducting investigations.
  • Provide a structured strategy to planning and undertaking simple or complex investigations.
  • Learning basic interview skills to assist in investigations.
  • Understanding documentary and electronic forms of evidence and how they should be handled.
  • Writing an effective investigation report         

Pricing: $CDN 999 per registrant; $CDN 899 per person if three or more registrants come from one organization, Fee includes full buffet lunch, pre-reading material, a morning and an afternoon health break, and a Course Binder.


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