Investing Kit

Ethics Investing Kit
Ethics Investing Kit

The Kit is chock full of various articles, books and reports about mission-based or ethical investing. We hope this Kit empowers you in your quest to Do Well by Doing Good. It is offered as a personal resource with the understanding that EthicScan is not a financial planner. As you apply yourself in this most important area, we commend to your efforts the following maxim, "Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good."

14-26 pages | Click for Sample |
Price: $20.00
  • Shopping With A Conscience (book)
  • Ethical Investing in Canada: The First Decade (reprint from The Corporate Ethics Monitor)
  • A Ten Step Primer To Ethical Investing (reprint)
  • The Capitalist Crunch (reprint, with permission)
  • Letters To the Editor: This Magazine (reprint)
  • EthicScan Corporate Social Performance Profiles (monograph)
  • Reading List (pamphlet)
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