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Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility

How do consumers, managers, employees, investors and concerned citizens understand and measure a company’s social responsibility?

At EthicScan, we use a broad range of 10 corporate social responsibility categories and criteria to document corporate policy, plans implemented to reinforce policy, the firm’s actual practice, and the extent to which management consults with and discloses itself to people outside the company.

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The Modified-Delphi Panel

EthicScan does not make up its questions and grading schemes alone. To devise the criteria and
indicators used to gather information and query companies, we rely on the experience and knowledge of others.

We consult a variety of experts, from business ethics professionals, social activists and environmental experts, to business executives, regulators, lawyers, and academics. Collectively, these people form the Modified-Delphi Panel. With their advice, EthicScan can best reflect the contemporary realities of employment issues, governance procedures, environmental standards, human rights developments, and equity initiatives. Read more about the Delphi Process >>

The Profile Report provides an analysis of the 10 categories from the Delphi Process for over 450 companies, which are:

  • Equity & Family Issues
  • Community Responsibilities
  • Progressive Staff Policies
  • Employee Relations
  • Environmental Performance
  • Environmental Management
  • Ethical Management Practices & Consumer Relations
  • Sourcing & Trading
  • Corporate Governance
  • Candor

Also included is a short paragraph outlining our thoughts on the Canadian Content of the company, and their Sensitive Business Activities

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