Sponsorship and Partnership Tune-Up For NGOs: Renewal, Innovation and Redesign

Description: More and more civil society organizations are losing the struggle of trying to do more with less, and instead are simply looking at doing less with less. They aren’t able to increase their fundraising in head office or local/Provincial offices commensurate with their needs. Volunteer and engagement programs are not keeping up with changing times. This need not be the case. Education foundations, health-related charities, community foundations, and client service agencies who find themselves failing to face the challenge of exploring effective ways to reinvent themselves can often benefit from a critical diagnosis of their condition. In certain renewal cases, this has led to systemic changes in strategy, volunteer engagement, and enhanced ways to address traditional and non-traditional donations, grants, partnerships and other funding sources.

This half-day Sponsorship and Partnership Tune-Up course is a prospective diagnostic kick at the tires of your non-governmental organization. David Nitkin will share and encourage application of organizational diagnostic tools including a checklist of eight practical ways that civil society organizations can use to assess their potential to attract, reshape and redefine their sponsorship and partnership programs. Examples of “turn arounds” will be shared. Based on twenty-five years’ experience in this sector, he will use these questions, Development through Innovation and Redesign stories, and organizational renewal tools to help you explore the divergent roles and responsibilities that can be played by staff members, donors, clients, customers, boards, government regulators, and the media.

David will be joined by a senior executive who served for eight years as senior development director for the Heart and Stroke Society of Canada, one of Canada’s largest health-related charities. She will share her lessons learned in that Canadian organization’s redevelopment plans. Together they will draw upon and try to help participants apply all dimensions involved in an NGO’s sponsorship and partnership program, including strategy, management, and communications. You can expect to hear constructive assessments and peer responses from not only the instructor and his guest resource executive but also the other participants who come from similar sectors.

Objective: This is a highly interactive half-day program. In small groups, you’ll have a chance to analyze these tools and assess whether, when and how they might be applied in your organization. You’ll hear comments from others about (a) Aligning your mission and partner decisions, such as which clients to accept, with your mission and mandate; (b) Meeting clients, volunteers and donors where they are—on a continuum of readiness for change; and (c) Realizing the highest potential for deepening client, services recipient, and other stakeholder interactions

Who this course is for: Development directors and officers at education, health care and other institutions; Fundraisers; Non-profit board members; Foundation and community development officers; Communications and advertising professionals; Social marketing executives; and Volunteer development managers.

Location: Toronto, Holiday Inn Yorkdale. This is one of four simultaneous EthicScan courses being offered at this location on the same day, and you’ll have opportunity at lunch to meet others attending different, though ethics-related, EthicScan courses.

Benefits in Your Participation
Participants will learn how to develop a state-of-the-art sponsorship or partnership policy; how to apply best practice lessons to design and monitor your organization’s partnerships, sponsorships and strategic alliances; and how to identify and negotiate beneficial relationships with public and/or private prospective partners. The presentations and discussions are supplemented by case studies and ideas offered by your fellow participants in order to provide many insights in how to plan and deliver more effective management and oversight of win-win partnerships. Lunch as well as a morning health break are included in the fee for this course, as is a course binder

  • Learn how to determine and calculate a value and values proposition so that your organization can move beyond mere transaction relationships
  • Understand the range of, and differences between, such relationship types as sponsorships, partnerships, strategic alliances, joint ventures and collaborations
  • Gain confidence in your understanding of construction of management plans, negotiation and business plans, and opportunity-cost analyses
  • Use case studies to develop appropriate communications strategies to sell prospective alliances inside and outside your organization
  • Assess practical ideas about how media and social media partnerships can be used to further your advertising, marketing and promotion objectives
  • Enhance awareness of the risks and ethical dilemmas that could arise in developing and implementing relationship initiatives

Pricing: $CDN 499 per registrant; $CDN 399 per person if three or more from one organization, including pre-read material, Binder, and a buffet lunch. This is one of four simultaneous EthicScan courses being offered at this location on the same day, and you’ll have opportunity at lunch to meet others attending different, though ethics-related, EthicScan courses.



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