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Here is your entry into the world of understanding and developing enhanced strategies for dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. This Knowledgebase contains state-of-the-art thinking from around the world about the many dimensions of managing personal, professional, institutional and corporate challenges posed by the pandemic.

  • Getting Business Back to Business

How this Knowledgebase will help you?

The unprecedented situation we find ourselves in has changed the way we need to operate in order to survive not only this pandemic but also other related, future, natural disaster challenges. We need to be ready with “new normal” recovery answers at home, work and in community. We need our staff, co-workers, customers and stakeholders to feel safe and be safe in order to conduct recovery.

The Knowledgebase is divided into sections for the Health-care sector and for Business/Industry. Each section is designed to bring important, trending information to the forefront, to help solve problems created by COVID-19

This targeted set of webinars, workshops and learning circles provide easily-digested format, “cheat sheet” answers and open dialogues that can give you the opinions and insights of industry experts, health professionals and colleagues around the world on pathways to survive and succeed through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We’ll help you focus your organization on important things to know and how to assess choices.

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Great features of the Knowledgebase
  • Find topics quickly with Keyword Search feature for Blog articles
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  • Go in-depth with specific topics in Level Two Webinars
  • Share research and real-world experience in Level Three Learning Circles
What you get: Develop, Dialogue and Discuss
  • Collaborate and problem-solve with others in your field
  • Access Scenario Development and Testing for your area of interest
  • Get the opportunity to advance ideas with others
Thirteen Modules: Health care and Industry Sectors
  • Choose Modules that fit your field either in Health Care or Business/Industry or access both
  • Access up to four discussion windows for each Module
  • Gain insights and access to valuable research on key topics
  • Find answers to thoughtful and vital questions for your industry
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